Women can be amazingly supportive in female professional groups on Facebook

My top takeaways from reading a year of posts in the Facebook Groups Female Digital Nomads and Freelancing Females.

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I have been reading, lurking, and sometimes contributing to several professional groups on Facebook for the past few years, including Female Digital Nomads (56k members) and Freelancing Females (33k members) have noticed some overall themes emerging which I summarize below.

I also belong to several professional and personal development groups that are moderated by men and have a large male presence. After a year of reading those posts and interactions as well as the female groups, I am even more convinced of the need for a separate female space. The culture is totally different in majority female groups. There is less mansplaining (guess what, men do it to other men too!) less posturing, and bragplaining (wherein you complain about a small aspect of something to hilight your amazing work – a cousin of the humble brag, and sibling in the “First World Problem” family) and in female groups the positive, supportive mission is enforced in a kind way.

Here are my top takeaways from reading these groups for over a year:

1. You are worth it. Don’t undervalue yourself. Don’t explain yourself.

2. We are all in this together.

3. Some things do vary by geography.

4. You are not alone.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

6. It’s not just about gender, but about being human.

7. We are really talking about ourselves:

8. Keep an online work life balance.

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I am interested in paradoxes, contradictions, people, culture, and being human. I write and translate DE-EN | MFA student Non-Fiction. www.bettinahindes.com

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