Visiting Tremont Temple in Boston: Freedom in Religion

Contemplating freedom in religion

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First Church Christ Scientist ‘The Mother Church’ in Copley Square, Boston

“Free Gifts”

“Are you saved?”

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The Tremont Temple in Boston

“The Tremont Temple was founded on the principle that worship should be free. It was begun by the Free Church Baptists, who opposed what was then a common practice of charging “rent” for space in a church pew… By using parts of the church as commercial space, and opening the theater for public events, the Tremont Temple was able to remain free, and therefore had the first integrated congregation in the country. The first two tenets of the church made these aims explicit:

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I am interested in paradoxes, contradictions, people, culture, and being human. I write and translate DE-EN | MFA student Non-Fiction.

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