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I am interested in paradoxes, contradictions, people, culture, and being human. I write and translate DE-EN | MFA student Non-Fiction.

Tough but worth it! Why the German language can be so fun

Photo by Jan Antonin Kolar on Unsplash

Compound Words

Germans are known for having a word for everything. This is not only due to the observant and intelligent culture of the German-speaking world, but the ingeniousness of German grammar. You can play mix n’ match with nouns, adjectives, verbs, and prepositions to create neologisms all day long! …

A year of adventures in Berlin — from dates to public transportation snafus

Between Gesundbrunnen and Schönhauseralle Sbahn Berlin

On my way to see a lover, I must walk past the fenced-in Christmas tree business near the Landsberger Allee S-Bahn station. It covers almost a square kilometer with over one hundred pine trees on display, pointing…

Observations on a Baseball Game from a Non-sporty American

Photo by Briana Tozour on Unsplash

Section 214, seat number 5 at the Kaufman Stadium, Kansas City in July for a game between the Kansas Royals versus the Baltimore Orioles.

We are sitting in the second to last row from the top. I smell hot dogs and beer. Immediately the sweating begins. My butt is sweating…

On Breakdowns and Books

Photo of Penn Ave in Pittsburgh on an overcast day with mural of black bride in white dress on old brick building
Penn Ave in Pittsburgh Photo by Author

In the autumn of 2017, I fell into myself. Humbly returning to my center with a flag of defeat dragging behind me like a party streamer after a summer storm. Collapse was inevitable. I had sought myself — and a home — all over the globe…

How I learned that my writing skills are in high demand for digital content.

Pink sticky notes with different phrases from UX design and writing, hand holding sticky in foreground with phrase
UX Writing is more than just card sorting

What is UX Writing?

If I had a dollar for every time someone said, “What?” when I told them I was taking a course in UX writing and they gave me that look, well, I’d have a good chunk of change by now.

For the past five months, I have been participating in the…

Berlin Unicorns

Unicorn-Teddy-Bear Tree in northern Berlin

I miss the gypsies feeding their children ice-cream and Coke Cola in the subway. The traditional, pink, flowery scarves covering half their round dark heads, and their dangly golden earrings add color to Berlin’s dreary winters. I could learn a lot from these women. Roma is what they are called…

Lived Through This

Finding my voice as a woman and veteran

Closeup silhouette of a female soldier.
Photo: Alina Linnik/EyeEm/Getty Images

When I was 25, I enlisted in the U.S. Army. During basic training, I wrote “It is a privilege to be oneself” in my journal. I scribbled those words under incredible physical and emotional distress, stripped of all indicators and standards of selfhood. Face-down in the muddy soil of Fort…

Reflections on Enlisted Life on the Presidio

Photo by Kevin Wolf on Unsplash

Something happens when the full moon approaches and the fog from the Monterey Bay comes rolling in off the water, past the herds of deer and seagulls dropping scat on freshly polished cars, mocking the pride and joy of eager young Privates and Marine Corporals … the late-night madness comes…

A poem about what matters in a pandemic

What Is Essential?

What actually matters in a pandemic?

Photo by Sabrina Heinkeon Unsplash

Some things are not:

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp…

Memes galore

All cling like creeping ivy to the battered tree of me

Gradually strangling what little free space is left in my soul

The life blood…

Mondays in Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Rudaki statue in Rudaki Park, Dushanbe -Photo by author

The capital city of Tajikistan, the poorest of the former Soviet Republics is Dushanbe. It actually means Monday, and received its name because it grew from a village that hosted a weekly Monday bazaar, becoming the capital in 1929. There is still a lot of village left in this capital…

Bettina Hindes

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